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International Tax Advisory Services

The international tax landscape raises new challenges to multinational enterprises and high-net-worth individuals. The intense work of the international community to tackle abusive tax practices with initiatives like FATCA, BEPS or the Common Reporting Standard has triggered new challenges and opportunities in the international tax arena. Nowadays, it is key to have certainty in every cross-border transaction and to be aware of tax risks triggered in several jurisdictions. Our international experience as well as our continuous technical actualization and our international network allow us to deliver high quality international tax advisory services.

-Advisory on cross-border transactions, CFC rules and foreign tax credit application.

-Permanent establishment risk assessment and contingency remediation plan.

-Advisory on the application of benefits of international tax treaties.

-Structure of international investments for Mexicans abroad (out-bound) and non-Mexicans investing in Mexico (in-bound).

-Entity migration and restructuring.

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